Monday, August 13, 2012

What's coming next!

Missing RadeonPro updates? See what's coming on next update!

  • FXAA support (DirectX 9/10/10.1/11) on your AMD Radeon GFX card! FXAA is also toggleable during the game with a hotkey press.
  • Alternate VSync (aka NVIDIA Adaptive VSync) for smoother gameplay experience.
  • Improved OSD rendering performance on DirectX 10/11 games.
  • Better keyboard handling (i.e. fixes some games that don't allow change of FPS corner)
  • Improved hook handling with better Steam overlay compatibility.
  • Screenshot funcion now works in DirectX 10/11 with R10G10B10A2/B8G8R8A8 formats used by some games (Dirt 3/Showdown, F3AR).

There's no E.T.A. yet, but if you feel adventurous and don't mind about a few bugs, grab the Preview build here (some features listed above may not be available at this moment).

Want to report something, follow the update progress or just say hello? Post at dedicated thread on Guru3D's forum.


Andrej said...

This sounds AMAZING!

I was so afraid that RadeonPRO was going to die... But it is NOT!

Thank you so much!

Any way to get an ETA on this? Months?

UnaSalusVictis said...

I hope we can also see SMAA addes as well as the FXAA(smaa is better in many titles and can be loaded teh same way fxaa is)

Im really glad to see your back to working on radeon pro, I cant wait to see a beta test version for download :D