Monday, June 20, 2011

DiRT 3 Benchmark Tool released

Hey, long time, no updates, I know... RadeonPro isn't updated for some months, but, besides some OpenGL quirks, I think it's pretty stable, isn't? :)

This time round I want to share with you a new benchmark tool I've developed with partnetship of a Brazilian games and techonology web site, the Adrenaline Racing Benchmark Tool that allows for benchmarking the Codemasters's games DiRT 3, DiRT 2 and F1 2010, all in an easy to use interface with lots of quality settings. It also packs an interesting feature: full integration with a web application called Adrenaline BenchZone that can receive the tool's benchmarks results, classifying all results based on settings used by the users. All published results can be shared, filtered and compared to other results, awarding with "medals" the best results sent by the overall result and also by video graphics card, meaning you can have lots of fun trying to win the top positions and the most gold medals you can!

I also want to thank AMD Brasil and HIS Brasil for supporting this initiative.

Are you ready to conquer the Adrenaline BenchZone? Let the competition begin!

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MerolaC said...

Hi Jap!
It's me, MerolaC
Hope you are OK. Did the situation in Brasil of the floodings stopped? Or is still bad?
We miss you at G3D :p

Wish you luck!

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