Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Crysis 2 Benchmark Tool released

Hey folks! I've just released a brand new benchmark tool for benchmarking Crysis 2, you can download it from here.

Some options are unavailable right now, but the main functionality is working.

Although it was only tested with EADM digital version with patches 1.1 and 1.2, I think it will work fine with Steam version as well. If it doesn't work, just let me know so I can try to fix it.



Unknown said...

Useless for Steam version, just run a game.

John said...

Some friends own the Steam version and it's working fine for them.

Sorry if it doesn't work for you.

Edison said...

Can you add screenshot support that can take screenshot on special demo frame number .

betaxp86 said...

Hi John, I have some problems with this benchmark tool:

Tool 0.15
Windows 7 64 SP1 Ultimate UAC OFF Italian
Crysis from Retail DVD updated 1.4 Patch
AMD HD 6950 with Catalyst 11.4 Preview
When I start the benchmark, no automate script/recording start, but the game run in benchmark mode so no exit menu. The information about FPS are not show.

I tried to reinstall the whole game, the tool and checked all configuration. Only one time the game start in full automate benchmark mode, whiout the tool, after a forced close of the game during the first bench run. (maybe beacause some file are still in the game directory).

If you need any further information just ask :)


John said...

@Edison: the Crysis 2's benchmark engine doesn't supports screenshots like Crysis/Warhead, but I'll see if it's possible to implement it by myself.

John said...

@Betaxp86/Andrea: I just found that patch 1.4 breaks the benchmarks functions completely. I'm making it compatible to patch 1.4 as we speak, it'll be released after some internal testing. ETA is Thursday.

betaxp86 said...

Hi John, if you need some external testing, just ask :)