Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New build with Italian translation is online


02/09/2011 - New build (skins are temporarily unavailable but will be restored soon)

- Changed: the Getting Started Wizard won't show up anymore between version upgrades
- Changed: new translation submission method
- New: initial Italian translation (thanks to Alessandro Camarda, aka |ALE|)


psxlover said...

Is there a way to rerun the Getting Started Wizard?

JoeSkeeRock said...

I get the following error when trying to run RadeonPro:

Can't load AppProfiles.dll

atRadeonPro.NativeMethods.LoadDLL(String installPath, Int32 pid)

I am using WinXP 32 bit SP3, any help would be appreciated.

John said...

@psxlover: yes, open Settings, there's a button on bottom of screen to launch the wizard.

John said...

@JoeSkeeRock: try to uninstall RP then reinstall, if the error persists, check for .NET Framework updates.

psxlover said...

Thanks I hadn't noticed that.

On the third screen of the wizard (Program initialization) if RP is set to start with windows, Start minimized to task tray is disabled. (it gets enabled only if you disable start RP with windows and then enable it)

John said...

Thanks psxlover, I'll check that when I have a chance.


psxlover said...

Is there a way to select the FPS display corner for a specific profile other than the new profile wizard?

John said...

Currently it's not possible.

If you understand XML files you can edit the corresponding XML file for the profile and change the value of "_ShowCorner" variable to a number from 0 to 3.

psxlover said...

ok thanks :)