Thursday, February 3, 2011

New build available

02/03/2011 - New build (skins are temporarily unavailable but will be restored soon)

- Fixed: Aero glass not being applied
- Fixed: some dialogs don't appear translated
- Fixed: API monitoring being applied when the application doesn't have a profile and "Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list" option is enabled
- Fixed: alternate AMD logo can cause rendering errors on some DX10/DX10.1 game (observed by me only on HAWX)
- Changed: triggers column width is now resized to accommodate the trigger file name
- New: added option to switch profile list to old style (no grouping) mode
- New: added option to apply a profile manually


Anonymous said...

Thx for new build. Still in Dead Space xD Other options i think they working, but v-sync still not , strange -.- im using Catalyst 11.0

Anonymous said...

For all Direct Games v-sync dont working -.-

Anonymous said...

This is still not fixed for me. :(
If I start a program that haven't a profile, the API monitor is still working (taskbar icon changing) and slow down a little the start of the programm.

"Fixed: API monitoring being applied when the application doesn't have a profile and "Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list" option is enabled"

John said...

For people with problems with forced vsync on, please check if you have CrossfireX bar enabled. The CFX bar enforces vsync off due to performance (stuttering) issues.

John said...

API monitoring is just to prevent OSD functions from working, the global profile will still be applied and the icon changing is normal behavior.

Hunter7370 said...

Yes ! This CrossfireX option should be off in settings :D At Last v-sync is working :D

Anonymous said...

Found a bug in build

If "Use old style profile list (no grouping)" is enabled, the profiles for games will not work anymore.

John said...

@marcin_g_000: sorry, the CFX bar enforcing vsync off is kinda confusing, I think it's time to change this.

John said...

@Darq: it's working for me. After you switched to old style the profiles disappeared from list?

If you switch back to new style they work again?

John said...

@Darq: I take it back. It's a bug indeed, when using the old style profile list, the global profile isn't restored as expected after quiting a game, causing the profiles to not work thereafter.

It's fixed on my working build that will be released later today.

Unknown said...


Just updated to version 1.1.03.

I'm unable to modify any profile in either view.

When using the wizard to create a new profile. In the launcher area the browse buttons dont work.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with admin account. Still no dice.

Using windows 7 64bit

John said...

@Mas: can you post your system information? Click the ATI/AMD logo at bottom of program window, right-click an item and choose Copy All.

Unknown said...

Graphics Card:
Video Adapter:
Bios Version:
Chip Identifier:
DAC Type:
Memory Size:
Registry Location: System\ControlSet001\Services\RDPDD\Device0
Driver Caps: 010000001000000000000
Main Device: \\.\DISPLAY1
Total GPU count: 2
Installed Drivers:
PNP Device ID:

I'm using the catalyst 11.1a
with 5870x2

John said...

@Mas: thanks. RP couldn't detect an ATI gfx card in your system. Did you tried a system restart?

The program relies on WMI to find installed video cards, and the main video card (the one connected to the main monitor) must be detectable, otherwise RP won't work, and that seems to be the case :(