Saturday, February 5, 2011

Build to fix crash when the program is used with a non-administrator account


02/05/2011 - New build (skins are temporarily unavailable but will be restored soon)

- Fixed: crash at program startup when running with a non-administrator account
- Fixed: context-menu games list not updated after unused profile cleaning


Unknown said...

Great app!
I've been trying to force AA in Mass Effect 2 and it works until I enter on some runs and then it simply disappears, from 8xAA to no AA by simply walking into another room in the game. I'm using Catalyst 10.10e and when I try to use the AA compatibility profile in RadeonPro, an error message saying ADL wasn't properly initialized appears, anyone knows why this is happening? Thanks!

John said...

Thanks, Paulo! Are you using Windows XP? About the AA in ME2, perhaps it's a driver issue.

Hunter7370 said...

When using AA in all games i`ve got some glitches and bugs (Driect games)

John said...

@marcin_g_000: post some screenshots and settings you're using. If your tried to force an AA compatibility profile, post details.

Anonymous said...

No problems here, but I have a question about the global profile in RadeonPro and CCC:

What have higher priority if the global profiles in RadeonPro and CCC are different?

It looks like, that RadeonPro and CCC aren't sync the 3D settings.


CCC: Texture Quality = Quality
RadeonPro: Texture Quality = High Quality

CCC: Surface optimization = On
RadeonPro: Surface optimization = Off

I'm just wondering if this a bug or a feature, John?
If RadeonPro is the mastermind for the settings, I don't care the CCC settings.

Hunter7370 said...

Something like this :

John said...

@Darq: CCC settings are static, they are set at registry when you change them and click on Apply button. RadeonPro on other hand applies settings for every game that has a profile, making changing to proper video registry keys. CCC settings are not refreshed when the registry is changed, you need to finish CCC process and restart it to make it show current registry values.

Long story short: what you see on CCC (regarding 3D settings) doesn't matter when RP is running :)

John said...

@marcin_g_000: Dead Space can't be forced to use AA, it's a driver limitation. Other games I saw similar rendering bugs were Transformers and GTA IV when they're forced to use AA through the driver. If you're running Vista or W7 you can try changing AA profile to DarkSiders (create one using DarkSiders.exe as filename) and see if it helps.

If your graphics card supports it you can try MLAA, works wonder for Dead Space.

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks, John.

Game profiles working perfect, that's not the problem, my question is only if this a bug that the global settings in CCC and RP aren't the same (sync.), even after many system restarts.

But if you say, that CCC settings doesn't matter if RP is running, then it's fine.

Too bad that I need the CCC to disable those stupid automatic video enhancements.
Without it, the RP is enough for me and the CCC would be useless.

Oh btw:
Would it be possible to integrate the video settings in RP? :O
I really don't like CCC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John.

But even after many system restarts, the global 3D settings in CCC and RP aren't still the same.
Game profiles working great, that not the problem.

But if you say, that it doesn't matter what's in CCC if RP is running, then is fine.

Well, I have another question:

Would it be possible to integrate the video settings in RP?
Would be really great and I don't need to install the CCC anymore, because I only need the CCC to disable those stupid automatic videos enhancements.

Hoettienouw said...

I've got a problem like Paulo.
ADL not properly initialised.
This happens when forcing fear crossfire profile to TDU2..