Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are you playing Test Drive Unlimited 2?

I'm playing and loving it! If you don't own it and enjoyed TDU 1 I strongly recommend it, really nice MMO racing game! Buy it on with 20% discount using this link (copy the discount code and paste it into Promotion code field at Checkout page)

If you have a CrossfireX system you may already noticed that current Catalyst lacks a proper CrossfireX profile for TDU 2. After doing some tests I found that using Bioshock CrossfireX profile and setting MVPUMode to Alternate Frame Rendering actually improved CrossfireX usage a bit.

A Guru3D user posted some screenshots comparing framerate, using RadeonPro he gained about 35% more performance. A bit shy result but better than nothing until AMD figure out a better way to scale multi-GPU on TDU2.



Unknown said...

Sorry if this is the wrong place but you dont seem to have a working forum

any change of having a limit opengl extension string option


Unknown said...

I get a launch error saying I need to use uplauncher to load the game, however I have already set the proper exe in the launcher tab. This happens with every game that uses a launcher no matter when i set in the settings. And it only happens when im trying to use a crossfire profile.

John said...

@David: currently it's not possible to change OpenGL version string using RP.

@Connor: Are you using Windows XP? Try changing the Launcher type to GFWL/Starcraft II.

Unknown said...

@John: Thanks for the quick response. That did work. And I am using win7 64 bit actually.

Unknown said...

have you tested it with XPx64 because it closes right after loading in the tray for me ?
have a nice day

Unknown said...

On a side note, I have noticed there is no split frame rendering option in radeonpro, its there supposed to be or is there a reason its not supported?

John said...

@sphek: sorry, I don't have XP 64-bit to test.

@Connor: on ATI, SFR is called Scissor.

Chocobollz said...

Well, I have the same thought as David in which RadeonPro seems to don't have a working forum. Well, in my case, the link to the forum won't work so here I am LOL.

Anyway, I've found some bugs on RadeonPro. The right panel in the main window has some of its contents hidden because the panel height wasn't sufficient and there's no way to scroll down the panel. So maybe some 10-20% of the options (especially those which located on the bottom) aren't accessible.

I would like to provide some screenshot but I think resizing your desktop to a resolution of 1366x768 (or anything below) would suffice :P

That's it the bug report though LOL. Haven't tried the program because of the aforementioned bugs but as far as I can see, it is a great software.


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