Monday, January 31, 2011

New build is ready for grabs!

01/31/2011 - New build (skins are temporarily unavailable but will be restored soon)

- Fixed: Portuguese translation
- Fixed: crash when GLDirect ( is used and API monitoring is active
- Fixed: GPU detection fails when old drivers traces are found on registry causing D3D tweaks and/or CrossfireX to not work properly
- Fixed: Compatibility profiles (AA/CFX) don't work with Catalyst 11.1a and HD 6900 series cards
- Fixed: program window position is moved outside the screen bounds when it is currently minimized and the tray icon is double-clicked, causing the window move to an unusable position until next program restart
- Fixed: API monitoring gets enabled even when a game doesn't have a profile and "Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list" option is enabled on Settings
- Changed: removed CFAA Narrow/Wide-tent filters when a HD 6000 series card is detected
- Changed: removed TAA controls (not supported anymore by drivers)
- New: Profiles list enhancement with grouping by Recently added, Favorites and Recently played
- New: profiles purging (for removing deleted/uninstalled games)
- New: profile search/filter
- New: translation tool
- New: Getting start wizard for RadeonPro newcomers
- New: EQAA support for HD 6900 series
- New: Integration with online user's guide. Context-sensitive help for the area where the mouse pointer is resting is displayed by pressing F1 key
- New: initial Spanish translation (thanks to Florentino Sainz, aka Black_ice_Spain)

The translation tool cannot upload translations yet, if you translated the program texts to another language, please e-mail me at japamd @ Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Yay, finally HD 6900 support. Thanks John! Profiles working good.

But there is a problem with saving RadeonPro settings.
I got always the message "Error saving settings".
Reinstall doesn't help.

Windows 7 x64, HD 6950 with Catalyst 11.1a


Anonymous said...

sadly with this new version i get a error unable to save settings file tryed many times uninstalled reinstalled never had this problem with the older versions

John said...

Update to, it contains the fix for "error saving settings" bug.