Saturday, December 11, 2010

New web site

As you may know already, RadeonPro got a new web site since build release, I hope you like it!

The Games section is what I'm planning for the profiles sharing, only a few games does exist on database now but new ones will be added on demand, meaning when an user tries to share a profile or query for one from the RadeonPro program interface and the game isn't available, I'll be notified so I can do the database input work. Seems to be a lot of work at first sight, but let's see for a while how this goes work.

I'm finishing now the OpenID and OAuth authentication routines to let users login using their OpenID/OAuth enabled accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.),  so they can use the Community feature without having to keep one more password to remember.

It will be available next week.

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