Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New build ready for grabs!


12/15/2010 - New build

- Fixed: AMD logo always displayed on OpenGL games
- Fixed: registry read errors at program startup
- Fixed: Windows XP registry access error at startup causing the program to end prematurely
- Fixed: incorrect FPS counter on some D3D9 games (NFS Pro Street, ARMA II and others). Please note that some games (e.g. Dragon Age) may not display the FPS counter in some places. It will be fixed in a future build.
- Changed: new drivers features (MLAA, TFQ and SFO) are activated regardless driver support when an HD 5000 series or newer card is detected
- New: a LOG file can be created at startup if the Scroll-lock key is kept pressed during RadeonPro initialization. The LOG file can be found at "My Documents\RadeonPro"

If you don't have any of those issues you can safely wait for the next build.

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