Saturday, December 11, 2010

MLAA: do you use it?

Since Catalyst 10.10a, AMD gave us a nifty toy: Morphological Filtering, or MLAA, a different kind of anti-aliasing that works on every game out there, from DX8 to DX11, with a small performance hit compared to forced MSAA on games that use deferred rendering (the main target of MLAA). There are a lot of games that use graphics engines that make difficult to use traditional multisampling anti-aliasing (Unreal Engine 3, for example), and for them we depend on some driver support to be able to make the graphics more beautiful... all because we are PC gamers and we hate jaggies, right? :-P

Back to the subject, MLAA technique employed by Catalyst driver is handy because it works as a post processing filter, the driver removes the jaggies after the graphics engine sends the entire frame to the video and before sending the image to the monitor, in a totally transparent way to the game. The performance hit varies a lot depending on the game and the results are very good most of time, the only drawback is some small text that gets blurried too much, making it difficult to read. Another downside is the compatibility: as the current implementation relies on DirectCompute 11, it works only on DirectX 11 capable hardware, in other words, no support for HD 4000 series and previous cards.

Here's an example of MLAA working on Star Craft 2

animated image credits

As you can see on animation above, the jaggies are gone with MLAA applied, making the world moar beautiful \o/

I don't play SC2, but I'm using MLAA on NFS Hot Pursuit and love the results, but I feel a bit sad as Criterion could implement anti-aliasing on the game engine itself.

So, are you enjoying MLAA on your Radeon graphics card? What do you think about it?


luke76 said...

Well no, it's not so good a 1360x768 to clean the screen from jaggies, and MSAA it's more effective in my opinion. In some ps3 games like god of war 3 works much better, i really hopes that ati can optimize it in the future. But supersampling nobody touch it, i love him so much! :P

radeonpro said...

Hi luke76! On some games you just can't force MSAA, not even with RadeonPro compatibility profiles, in those cases MLAA come to the rescue! When MSAA is supported I stick with it too, 4x or 8x is enough for me :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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