Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HD 6900 and EQAA support coming on next build

EQAA or Enhanced Quality Anti-Anliasing mode of HD 6900 series is going to be supported on next build. If I can find information about power modes (-20 to +20%) that will be added as well.

PS: Unfortunately I don't have an HD 6900 card to test, if someone at AMD is reading this, please send me a Cayman sample! :-P


Anonymous said...

Me like :)

John said...


Anonymous said...

When it will be ready to download?

can't wait!!!!

John said...

ETA for the next build was tomorrow, but I couldn't make it because of the holidays. I'm pushing the next build release to first half of next month.

The interface for AA settings changed a lot, TAA is gone for good and the program has a "Getting Started Wizard", I'll post more about it and other new features as soon I have a chance.